Termites can affect the structural integrity of your home or business, which is why investing in regular Canberra pest control services and termite inspections is crucial. At A1 Professional Pest Control, we offer a range of termite treatments and services to ensure your property is termite free.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites, otherwise known as white ants, are a highly destructive pest that can cause major structural damage to timber. This termite species is small in size (close to half the size of a match head) and has a soft body.

Termites build a nest or central colony and construct tunnels that can range up to 100 metres in radius away from the nest in search of their primary food source, timber. There is a caste system in termite colonies which consists of the king and queen, then there is the winged reproductive, which are the younger king and queens and finally the soldier and worker termites. Termite queens lifespan can exceed 25 years and after breeding are able to produce over 2,000 eggs per day, which is why investing in pest control is so important.

Danger to residential and commercial buildings

Depending on the size of the colony, termites can destroy the roofing timbers, as well as the walls of a home within only three months of construction. It has been estimated that close to one-third of properties in Australia that remain unprotected from termites are in danger of being subject to attack.

Termite control and treatment

There are a number of different solutions that our Canberra pest control technicians apply to control and eradicate termites from homes and businesses. They can undertake termite inspections at regular intervals to check if your walls, roofing and floors are termite free and if not they can implement termite treatments, such as baiting, to remove any termites present. Chemical soil treatment is another measure our technicians use to control termites. It involves applying the treatment around the perimeter of a building and the sub-floor, resulting in termites being eradicated before being able to access the building. This form of treatment is a great termite preventative measure.

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