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Any homeowner will tell you that insects of any kind are a real pain, be it cockroaches, bees, wasps, or ants. However, one of the most annoying and often costly insects is the termite. These little critters feed on the cellulose in wood and paper products and can lead to large amounts of damage in the home if left unchecked. This is why proper Canberra pest control is so essential. We have to be diligent to protect our homes from these voracious little bugs. Still, you cannot expect pest control to magically fix all your termite woes unless you help the process along. Today, we’ll look at three tips that will help you do your part to keep the termites away.

1. Cut off the cellulose

As mentioned above, termites feed on cellulose that is found in not only wood but also in plant material and even in paper. The crux of it is when these materials come into contact with dirt or soil, creating a pathway for termites to follow right into your home. You want to keep a few inches of distance between your home siding and the mulch in your landscaping. You also want to keep an eye out for any stumps or roots near the foundation and remove them if possible. Also, if you’re a fan of a roaring fire in winter, don’t store the firewood close to your home and also keep a cover on it just to be safe.

2. Minimise the moisture

Termites also like things nice and moist, so be sure to keep any crawl spaces on your home dry and ensure they are ventilated well. Do the same for your attic and your basement if you have one. In addition, keep any trees, bushes, or shrubs trimmed back and away from your home’s foundation.

3. Wipe out the water

Now, of course you cannot truly wipe out all the water in and around the home, but you need to be aware of your use of it as termites, like us, need water in order to live. Try to avoid having standing water near your home. You might try keeping your rain gutters unclogged so that they can funnel the water safely away from the base of your house. You can also check for any leaks you might have and be careful to position your sprinklers so that they won’t get your foundation wet during use.

All of these tips will help your home be more secure against termites and will aid your pest control service in being successful. To learn more or to set up an initial inspection and consultation for your pest control needs, contact A1 Professional Pest Control today!

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