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Ants can be found in every state, territory and habitat in Australia, including your home. Ants are active year round, so sometimes it might feel like there is no reprieve from their infestations. No matter what you try, ants seem to find a way in and are soon crawling up your walls, over your bench tops and into your cupboards.

Of the 1,300 species of ant in Australia, the six most common in the Canberra area are the black house ant, the bull ant, the white-footed house ant, the banded sugar ant, the meat ant and the Argentine ant. Because ants are plentiful across the territory, we have compiled our top three tips to help you control ants in your home.

1. Eliminate food sources

Keeping your kitchen clean and tidy will discourage ants. Wipe down your counters, sweep regularly, remove any leftover food, keep a lid on your bin and store all open food in sealed containers. If you have ripe fruit, keep it in the refrigerator. Remove anything that’s likely to invite ants into your home.

2. Block access points

Inspect the inside and outside of your home for access points. Plants should be trimmed so they don’t come into contact with the exterior, as branches are express highways into your house. Seal cracks with silicone, and ensure seals around your windows and doors are intact.

3. Consider your pets

Cats and dogs are a common method ants use to get into your home. They can either hitch a ride on your furry friends, or they can be attracted by their smells, their food, and their mess. Be sure to clean your pets regularly, especially when they are going from outside to inside. Also keep their food bowls, litter trays and toys clean and free from food, saliva and other nasties that will attract ants.

While all these tips will help to control ant infestations in your home, the most effective form of pest control is professional prevention. If you’d like to discuss your options or set up an initial consultation, contact A1 Professional Pest Control today!


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