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Make Honey, Not War: Why You Need to Call an Apiarist to Remove Bees, not an Exterminator.

The safety of your family, neighbours and pets is the first thing you have to consider when invasive pests move into your home or backyard. Once they pick a nice spot to colonise (like an old treehouse, garden shed or balcony awning), unwanted guests like wasps, spiders and ants can become an extreme worry. Unfortunately, so can the humble honey bee.

We actually love bees. And so should you. Here’s why – without bees, we would almost certainly face starvation, and that’s not an exaggeration!

Bees pollinate almost all of our flowering and fruiting crops, and the crops we need to feed livestock. The juicy peach you love eating as a morning snack? Or the sesame snaps in your top drawer for emergency sugar hits? Even the delicious free range 100-day aged rib-eye steak you’re dreaming of for dinner – bees played a huge part in you being able to bring them home, not to mention any of your favourite foods containing soy, quinoa, oats, chia or sweet golden honey!

We need bees as much as we need rain and clean air. So what can you do if you discover a hive of wayward honey bees around your home?

Call an apiarist. Apiarists (beekeepers) specialise in the management of hives and handling bees, and can remove a rogue hive and safely relocate it, often without losing a single bee. This is a much better solution compared to destroying their colony and will save you a great deal of time trying to find a suitable exterminator. After all, most pest control experts will refuse to eradicate bees unless no other option exists.

If you have a problem with bees around your home, you can contact the Beekeepers Association of ACT for some help. You can find them here – https://actbeekeepers.asn.au. Outside of Canberra, just search locally for an apiarist. Remember – never attempt to remove a beehive yourself, even if it’s a small hive. You risk severe injury, or even death if you suffer an undiscovered allergy. Instead, do the right thing and contact an apiarist. It’s the best thing for you, the bees and the environment.

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