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Termites are a single-minded menace and they will cause untold damage to your home and the inside of your walls if you get an infestation. If you find termites in your home there is no choice but to call A1 Professional Pest Control Canberra, but here we explore some steps you can take to discourage termites from infesting your home.

Clear the soil

Termites are subterranean and live under the soil. When they infest your house they usually live underground and create burrows up into your home where they will eat the wood. To best protect your home it is important to take away anything that may draw the termites to your home in the first place. This includes wood, decaying vegetation and mulch from your garden and around your home. Termites eat these items and will be attracted towards your home if there is a plentiful supply of food for them to enjoy. Any wood, mulch and branches should be kept well away from your foundations and walls and should ideally be removed from your property.

Use treated wood

If you do need to use wood around your home and especially if you need to place wood into the ground then you will need to ensure that you are using treated wood for any structures. Putting wooden fence lines, decking or sheds up that have not been treated will act like catnip to the termites and will draw them to your home with this untapped food source. Treated wood can help to limit ingress of termites and will serve as a deterrent to prevent them from attacking your house.

Deny water sources

Like all other animals termites cannot live without water so you want to keep the area around your home dry and protected from water leaks. By stopping any leaking water you can make it more difficult for colonies of 35,000+ termites to live around your home and this can make the difference in getting them to move on elsewhere. Proper home maintenance will also help to deter termites as blocked gutters and waterlogged drains will serve as a food source too.

Protecting your home against termites requires that you are sensible in your approach to home maintenance, wood storage and water control. If you see a termite or think you have an infestation, however, then you should not hesitate to call A1 Professional Pest Control before they cause lasting damage to your home.

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