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Daylight savings has ended and the cooler months are approaching. This means we’re shaking out electric blankets, rugging up, stocking up on firewood and cleaning the filters on our heaters – preparing everything to make our homes like a comforting warm retreat from the winter chill. The bad news is that rodents share a similar objective.

Everybody is prepared to hear the occasional scratching sound in the roof during the colder parts of the year – but we usually have time to call professional pest control before one or two scuttling noises turn into a constant hive of activity amongst the rafters. What about your car though?

Rodents love warmth and darkness, and unfortunately, your vehicle’s engine bay provides both. You’re especially at risk of attracting rats and mice if you park outside near a food source (such as a compost heap, orchard or bushland). In less than 24 hours, a parked car with a warm engine block can be transformed into a rodent condominium – they’ll move in a pantry, bedding, and they’ll chew through any wiring or piping they fancy. Some new vehicles also have environmentally friendly soy-based wire coatings which make for a tasty, expensive rodent snack.

Some suburbs of the A.C.T have the perfect natural conditions for rats and mice, and should you drive infrequently and park outside you may just tempt them into your engine bay. Once they’re inside, they can cause thousands of dollars of damage in a very short period of time, which means you’ll be calling your insurer – and in turn means a great deal of hassle.

You can try to solve the problem yourself by using baits, traps and sonic devices, but it can often be tricky getting results. Normally, after a short period rodents will return and if you’re not vigilant you might find those unwanted guest scrambling up your vehicle’s wheel arches sooner than you expect.

If you drive your car every day, you’re probably at a lower risk compared to somebody who only drives occasionally. However, if you live in the A.C.T and have noticed rodent activity in or around your garage, carport or parking space, make sure you contact a trusted A1 Professional Pest Control Canberra to assess the situation.

A1 Professional Pest Control can offer a solution to keeping rodents away from your beloved ride.

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