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Every person who owns or has rented a property could have a story about a rat and/or mice infestation. Rats and mice are known as rodents and they come in all shapes and sizes. The word rodent is drawn from the Latin word rodere, which means “to gnaw”, and that’s exactly what rats and mice do.

This week we will go through five ways rodents are pests and how they impact your home and office.

1. Diseases

Rodents carry diseases. One of the most famous diseases ever recorded from rats and mice was the black death. The spread of the disease claimed the lives of 25 million people! Now, we aren’t saying this will happen again today, as it was back in the 14th century. However, it is a great example of why you need pest control in your life when you notice any signs of rodents.

2. Food contamination

Rodents love food and they are very adaptable to their environment. Rats and mice are certainly not picky eaters. Having rodents in your home brings with it the chance of food poisoning from their droppings, urine and hair. Rodents can contaminate food, causing salmonella.

3. They smell

Rodent droppings and urine left around the house or office can smell. Having one die in a cupboard or roof can also be offensive to your environment.

4. Fleas and ticks

Rodents are like any other animal, they can collect fleas and ticks which can be transferred to your own family pet or small children. Fleas to humans are more annoying than they are fatal, however, ticks can cause a greater health problem for you and your family.

5. They chew and destroy your home

Wood, insulation, electrical cables and wiring, nothing is stopping the rodents from getting through these fibrous structures. Chewed electrical cables can cause a fire hazard or in less severe cases an electrical short circuit.

Understanding why rodents are pests and how they impact your home or office is as important as getting pest control to rid your environment of rodent infestation. Got a rodent problem, contact A1 Professional Pest Control today!

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