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Spiders are a much-feared pest around the home. Getting bitten by a poisonous spider can result in an adverse reaction which could land you in hospital. In rare cases, a spider bite could even be fatal. So, you have a good reason to want to keep spiders out of your home. Here are a few tips on how to control spiders in Canberra.

1. Control spiders’ food source

You can control hunting and jumping spiders around the home by controlling their food sources. Spiders feed on other insects around the house, so by reducing the infestation of insects around your home you will reduce the food sources of spiders, meaning they have nothing to hang around for.

2. Spraying chemicals are not 100% effective

Chemicals such as pesticides are not 100% effective as a control against spiders and will not work as a great defence (no force field here!) Spiders have long legs and walk with their bellies raised from the ground. A sprayed pesticide that is on the ground will not affect them since they do not have a circulatory system which will transmit the poison to the rest of their body. Pesticides must be sprayed onto the spider directly by whatever means possible.

3. Spray on cracks or openings

If you must use a pesticide, spray on the surface of a crack and other openings such as crevices that the spider probably goes into. The insecticide will most likely be useful since the spider’s body is likely to come into contact with the chemical.

4. Use glue boards and sticky traps

Fold them into a box shape so that items not intended to get stuck won’t get stuck. Having a bug stuck to the glue is attractive to a spider, and that is why this type of pest control measure works.

5. Use glue traps

Glue traps always point you towards the infestation, making it possible for you to know how spiders are getting into the house. Check for an opening or entry from which spiders may be getting into the house.

6. Whack a spider with a shoe

Spiders are essentially loners. They like to eat alone and not share their food. Thus, it will be as effective to whack a spider with a shoe or newspaper, as to spray it.

If you have a spider infestation problem or any other pest in Canberra, talk to us at A1 Professional Pest Control and let us restore calm to your home.

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