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We need bees in order to have the foods that we love, but most householders don’t want bees circling around their home and stinging their guests. Luckily there are some simple steps that you can take to discourage bees from making a home in your yard, while not exterminating them.

Get rid of the food source

Bees love sweet syrups, such as flower pollen or fruit (especially overripe fruit that drop from trees). If you have an issue with bees, it’s a good idea to check over the garden and see if you can swap out any of the plants that are attracting the bees with some less attractive plants, such as succulents or pick up the fruit. Additionally, bees will come for any artificial sources of sweetness around the home, so make sure people don’t leave open cups of soft drink or juice in your yard.

Get rid of potential bee homes

Bees tend to love hollow spaces, such as the inside of dead trees or poorly maintained gutters. Where possible, it’s a good idea to look around the yard and limit the number of spaces in your yard that would appear attractive to a swarm of bees.

Use smoke to repel bees

If you find that the bees are coming out only when you are outside entertaining, it can be worth lighting a candle or coil to keep the bees at bay. Bees tend to avoid smoke, so this should successfully keep them away from your food and drink, as well as your guests.

If you find that you have bees in your yard in spite of these measures, it can be a great idea to call a apiarist who can gently remove the hive and care for it. That way, you can continue to have a pest free yard, while the bees can keep doing their important job fertilising plants and trees.

If an apiarist is unable to remove the bees then you will need to call the professional team at A1 Professional Pest Control Canberra.

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