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A common misconception is that rodents and other pests hibernate during the Australian winter. But while reptiles and some pests may become MIA for the colder months, many look to find a safe, warm place to survive the winter. So here’s a guide for how to not let your home become their next hiding place.

1. Declutter

Insects and rodents instinctively find hiding places to keep themselves and their families safe. And while the natural world has provided this for them for a long time, busy, cluttered houses have become their preference. They are most commonly found in storage spaces like cupboards and garages. So be sure to organise your belongings and clean the area so they can’t easily make your storage space their new home.

2. Deny access to entry points

Insects can get through extremely small gaps and it’s impossible to fill in every gap in your home. Instead, try laying a surface spray or call a pest control company to create an invisible barrier to your property. But rodents, on the other hand, can still enter through tight spaces, but this can be managed by filling them in with steel wool before covering them with plaster or silicone. They will quickly learn they can’t chew through steel wool and will then be deterred. Also look for window damage and make sure it’s repaired.

3. Keep food in sealed containers

This protects your food from all unwanted guests in your house. From ants and cockroaches to rodents, sealed containers which are neatly stacked in storage places makes it impossible for pests to find easy food. Most pests will also nest where there they will have access to food and water, so it’s best that your house doesn’t provide them with any chances.

4. Doors

Doors provide an easy entry point for rodents and insects to enter your home. And as they’re looking for their winter home, these intruders don’t care if you left the door unlocked or not. One of the best ways to keep them out is to install brush strips to the bottom of your doors.

So to keep your home pest-free this winter, add brush strips to your doors, keep your storage areas clean and organised and keep all food in sealed containers. Preparation is the key to a pest-free winter.

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