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We don’t usually think of birds as pests, but they can cause real problems to commercial and residential property owners. Nesting, mating and flocking can cause a great deal of damage, make your property unsightly and can put you or others at risk too. Here we explore why you need to call pest control to deal with your pest bird problem.

What birds are pests?

Not all birds are considered as pests, but there are certain breeds that afflict Canberra that are most definitely pests. Commonly, pest control is called to clear Feral Pigeons, Starlings, Blackbirds, Sparrows, Indian Myna and Common Myna. These birds are known for plaguing businesses and disturbing residential areas.

What damage can these birds do?

These birds can cause a wide range of problems at a property including the following:

• During mating season birds can nest in your roof causing damage and making them aggressive. Birds may swoop at you or others and can cause serious injury.
• Flocks of birds can be very noisy and will disturb meetings and interrupt your rest when you are home. Especially at 5am!
• Bird droppings will be unsightly but more importantly they will damage the paint on your building and remove this protective layer over time. Bird droppings can effectively burn through the waterproofing and let water into your walls.
• Bird droppings can spread infection and diseases and will regularly need to be cleaned away.
• Birds pecking on your surfaces can cause damage that again allows water to get in. This is a particular problem for woodwork on buildings.

How do you get rid of pest birds?

For Canberra pest control, A1 Professional Pest Control is the best solution for dealing with pest birds at your commercial or residential property. You can get a free quote for pest control and will receive a quick and effective removal of the birds from your property, making it a safer place once again. A1 Professional Pest Control uses humane processes to control birds and keep them away from your property. Find out more and contact us here (https://www.a1professionalpestcontrol.com.au/contact-us/).


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