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Commercial properties and apartment complexes are often desperate for effective bird control methods. Birds pose a potential health risk in such environments apart from constant loud chirping and unsightly droppings. A1 Professional Pest Control Canberra can help you eliminate these unwanted birds permanently. However, you need to make specific actions to prevent any future nesting or roosting. Here are our top six tips for bird control in Canberra.

1. Eliminate available food and water sources

If possible, deal with any food and water that is accessible to the birds. If your business or home is accidentally offering food and water, the first step would be to close down such sources. Any standing water should be covered with netting or lids. Once the birds realise no food or water is available to them, they’ll get discouraged and move to a different location.

2. Netting

This is one of the most cost-effective ways of eliminating unwanted birds. It involves sealing off notable areas to deny access to the birds. Netting may include the protection of eaves, cover entire structures, and protect specific building features or frontage elevations.

3. Conduct a thorough clean up and sanitise the place

You need to protect everyone’s health around the premise by cleaning all bird nest areas, droppings and debris before you can implement any deterrence strategy. Your family, employees, or clients need to be protected against disease spread by the bird droppings.

4. Install wire mesh

If your home or office has small cosy spaces, they can sometimes be covered or blocked off with wire mesh or the like.

5. Bird spiking

Spiking is a way of deterring birds from landing and consequently loafing. They might look dangerous, but they are actually safe as they don’t hurt the birds in any way. Target areas include beams, signage, ledges, roof edges and gutters. However, make sure not to put them in areas accessible to children due to the danger they pose.

6. Call us

A1 Professional Pest Control can help you deal with stubborn birds. We are experienced in deterring and removing birds from all premises and knowledgeable about the legislation which is in place. That means we know which birds are protected and what measures are safe and legal to use.

Bird control shouldn’t be treated as a one-time event but as an ongoing process. Birds are smarter than rodents or roaches and can always come back. Call us today for Canberra bird control and any other pest control related service.

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