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Have you ever put on your favourite sweater only to find it covered in tiny holes? When faced with this unpleasant dilemma most people will point the finger at moths. But there is another pest that can take up residence in your home, that is capable of doing much more damage than moths. The culprit…

Ants are pesky insects that find their way through the smallest openings into your home. Ants may be wandering into your house searching for food, water, or even shelter from bad weather. Whether you’ve already dealt with an ant problem or are trying to avoid one, the best way to deal with ants is to…

Bees are dying slowly, and you should be concerned because if the trend persists, you might have to forget about enjoying honey in your Aussie meals. We will also be deprived of food reserves since bees play a critical role in plant fertilisation. The good news is that you can do something about the problem….

  Melissophobia, also known as apiphobia, is the surprisingly common fear of bees (NOT Melissa’s). Although people fear the sting of this tiny creature, it is important to understand the critical part bees play in the future of our society. Bees keep our flora thriving Bees have played an essential role in society for millions…

  Pantry and clothes moths are damaging to food, goods and garments, leaving you frustrated when you’ve discovered an infestation in the cupboard or a hole in your favourite jumper. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take at home to avoid this issue. Pest control starts with prevention, and as such we’ve brought together…

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