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Bees are dying slowly, and you should be concerned because if the trend persists, you might have to forget about enjoying honey in your Aussie meals. We will also be deprived of food reserves since bees play a critical role in plant fertilisation. The good news is that you can do something about the problem. Here is what you can do to safeguard the bees.

Plant Medicinal Herbs

We love bees, and it won’t cost you much to spare a little space in your garden to grow herbs. You don’t need any expertise to plant them, and you will have helped bees coming to your backyard obtain medicinal value. Some of the herbs have a great aroma that can make your compound smell heavenly.

Avoid neonicotinoids seeds

Exercise caution when buying seeds and ensure that they have not been dipped in neonics. You ought to grow natural seeds and help bees collecting pollen from your farm survive. Don’t be selfish because the bees need you as much as you need them.

Plant a variety of flowers

Supply bees with pollen all year long by planting a minimum of four species of flowers. This will keep the supply running through all the climatic seasons. Visit your local nursery and pick the widest variety of flowers. Maximize on the ones that flower around late winter and early spring since bees consume a lot of food at this time.

Provide a water source

Place some wet sand or put pebbles in your birdbath. Do not leave only open water in your garden because bees may drown and die. Learn how to make a bee bath specially designed for bees to access drinking water. Teach your peers this skill because it only takes cumulative efforts to protect bees and eventually enjoy the abundance of its honey and crops from fertilised plants.

If bees inadvertently nest in your home, call an expert like A1 Professional Pest Control to get the job done. The company will only help if all other options have been exhausted or you have contacted the Canberra Beekeepers Association. We will safely remove them and guarantee you and your household freedom from unwanted beehives. Avoid pesticides or other aggressive means that have fatal effects on them. Help safeguard the honey supply and call us today in Canberra if you need pest control services that will not harm the bees.

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