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Have you ever put on your favourite sweater only to find it covered in tiny holes? When faced with this unpleasant dilemma most people will point the finger at moths. But there is another pest that can take up residence in your home, that is capable of doing much more damage than moths. The culprit is just as likely to be the humble carpet beetle or to be more accurate, its larvae.

Carpet beetles are found across Australia from Darwin to Adelaide and Sydney to Perth. They can be found both inland and on the coast, so no matter where you live on our majestic island, you are susceptible to this carnivorous carpet munching pest. But with adult beetles measuring just 0.5cm they can be difficult to spot and much more difficult to get rid of.

So how can you tell if the holes in your clothes are made by moths or carpet beetles? In this blog, we are going to look at five signs that point to carpet beetle infestation.

1. Look for adult beetles near windows

The damage is done by the larvae, not the beetle itself. Adult beetles feed on pollen and are usually found in spring and early summer near windows trying to get outside. So if you spot a tiny 0.5cm beetle with a hard shell and patterned body near your windows during spring or early summer, it’s a sure sign you have a carpet beetle infestation somewhere in your home.

2. Carpet beetles feed in concentrated areas

Since the damage is done by the larvae, not the beetle, they can be difficult to spot. The larvae like to munch away in dark corners or under heavy furniture where they are unlikely to be seen. Unlike moths, however, carpet beetles like to feed in concentrated areas. So if your favourite sweater has a number of small holes rather than one big one, the culprit is likely to be carpet beetle larvae, not moths.

3. Check for discarded skin under furniture or in dark corners

Carpet beetle larvae moult several times during their nine-month lifecycle. So if you spot small collections of discarded furry skins on your carpet or in the bottom of your wardrobe this is another telltale sign you have a carpet beetle infestation.

4. Carpet beetle larvae are shy, so coax them out during the day

Carpet beetle larvae usually feed at night or in the early hours. This makes them difficult to spot, but if you close the curtains during the day you will often find they come out to play. Keep a lookout for them climbing up the walls, in dark corners or behind heavy furniture.

5. Look for faecal pellets in dark corners or under furniture

Rather disgustingly, but not unsurprisingly, carpet beetle larvae leave droppings. So if you spot brown or black dry faecal pellets about the size of a grain of sand, in the bottom of your wardrobe, on your clothes or on hard flooring, you should investigate further. You will notice these along with the other signs mentioned above.

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