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Pests not only invade your space and cause a nuisance but also pose health problems to you and your family. Aside from their invasion of your private space, most pests can carry diseases that they can transmit to humans. Pest control measures come in handy to get rid of pests that might be harbouring potential health hazards.

Allergies and skin infections

Allergies caused by pests range from a mild sniffle to severe skin and respiratory reactions that call for hospitalisation. Bees, wasps, stinging insects and ants are among the pests that cause severe allergies. After a sting, be sure to check for complications such as difficulty breathing, uncontrollable swelling of the skin, and hives. Pests, like bugs, cause itchiness after biting.

Diseases from rodents

Mites and rice not only deprive people of their peace but also carry a range of dangerous illnesses. A bite by a rodent can transmit rabies to humans, and their droppings can be the source of Hantavirus. The disease causes lethal respiratory and digestive symptoms. The infection can be acquired by simply inhaling particles from infected rodent urine or solid waste. To be on the safe side, leave rodent control to the Canberra pest control professionals who have the machinery to do a thorough job.

Germs spread by cockroaches

Roaches do not bite or sting but they do transmit disease through contact. For example, when they pick up bacteria from a dirty surface, they can spread it to your food if they crawl on it. They carry more than 30 types of bacteria. Some of the diseases they are known to transmit include listeria, salmonella, food poisoning, pneumonia, diarrhoea, gangrene and typhoid. Home strategies for eliminating roaches should be combined with professional treatments for the best results.

Health threats brought about by pests can best be eliminated through professional treatments that reduce pest populations around the home. If your home strategies for pest control have failed, there is no reason to keep exposing your family to health threats posed by pests. Contact us at A1 Professional Pest Control and we will handle the pest situation in your home to ensure your safety from pest diseases.

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