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While it’s possible for mice, ants, and spiders to find their way into your home, pest control services can effectively keep them away. However, don’t forget you have some pets that need protection as you get rid of these unwanted guests.

Here are a few tips to keep your furry friends safe during pest control services.

Tell your exterminator you have pets

Let your pest technicians know which pets you have in your home. This information will help them to plan for the treatment they’ll use before they visit. Also, it will help them take the necessary precautions before and after the pest control service.

Contain your pets in one area

Just like young children, pets are curious. They might follow the exterminator around. If you have a dog, let it remain in the kennel. If you have a cat, make use of a cat carrier to keep it safe. For homeowners who have a significant number of pets, it’s a good idea to keep them in areas not scheduled for treatments.

Cover up fishy and feathery friends

If you have a fish pond or some domestic birds, cover the cage and the pool with a blanket or a converse garment to protect them from spray vapour. Exposing your birds and reptile species to airborne mist can be fatal to them. This is because most birds have a sensitive respiratory system that can quickly become damaged when they inhale spray droplets.

Keep food and bedding covered

Many homeowners ignore this tip, but it’s a very crucial aspect of keeping your pets safe. Once your furry friends eat food contaminated with pesticide, they could become very ill. Ensure that toys, bedding as well as other items frequently used by your pets are free from mist or spray; cover them with a piece of cloth or move them away from the treatment area.

The bottom line

While it’s the goal of every homeowner to combat dreaded pests, it is essential to ensure that your pets remain safe. No matter the type of the bugs in your home, hiring pest control services is the right way to fight them off.

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