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…it always pays to have a fairly wry sense of humour. Our team here at A1 Professional Pest Control know it helps when in tight situations or awkward spots. Someone mentioned to one of our people that a single letter changed in describing a whole series of pest control situations could lead to a very different outcome!

That got us thinking; here are some we came up with – let us know if you think of any others…

‘Hi – is there any way you could help me get rid of an infestation of annoying aunts?’

‘Some of our members here at the golf club are being buzzed by angry tees. Any suggestions?’

‘I don’t know what to do; I opened my wardrobe and discovered a colony of clothes goths. They’re very unpleasant and I’d like them gone’

‘Help! I found rice scuttling across my kitchen floor last night!’

‘I’m pretty sure it’s a Herman cockroach. Don’t know where it comes from though’

We’d better stop there! However, although not humorous, there are also myths that have grown about pests; falsehoods that seem almost to be accepted as truths simply through repetition.

Three myths to be aware of…

‘Concrete foundations protect a home from termites’ – NOPE! These horrors can easily crawl through tiny cracks or build tubes of mud over foundations to get where they want to be.

‘Bed bugs are only found in beds’ – NOT TRUE! The name is a bit misleading; they seek warmth and nearby food, so sofas, clothes, even suitcases and bags have been known to provide a home.

‘Pests stay away from clean homes’ – NO THEY DON’T. There is no evidence that critters carry out on-site inspections and ask for surveyor reports before deciding to move in. Many are simply seeking any quick shelter from the harsh outside world.

To return to a touch of humour to finish; a couple of jokes…

One bug sitting on a branch talking to its mate as they observe a stick insect feeding – ‘I hate her! Eats what she wants and is still as thin as a twig’

Termite chat-up line – ‘Hey, how about you and me go out later for a quick coffee… table’

If you have any pest problems

We hope this blog has provided a lighter moment, but we know how annoying and anxiety-creating any pest problem can be. Whatever it is, we’re here to help – so please call our Canberra-based A1 Professional Pest Control team on either (02) 6278 5858 or 0415 915 259.

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