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Have you developed a severe disdain for the hairy, creepy, beady-eyed, crawly pests known as spiders? Though some spiders aren’t harmful, others are deadly, and all can become pests in or around your office or home. To prevent a spider infestation at all costs, you need to be able to recognise the signs. Some of these signs include:

Where do they hide?

First, it’s essential to know where to start looking to see whether you have pest control problems. Common places to search for webs and spiders include ceilings, corners, sprinklers, outdoor furniture, window sills, the ground, attics, boxes, closets, basements, crevices, and gaps as well as storage areas. These eight-legged pests often make a home for themselves and then hide mostly in damp and dark places to easily access their food supply (flies, ants, and other insects).

Spider eggs

Usually, spiders mate by autumn, at a time when temperatures are a bit cooler. They mate and lay the eggs into a carefully designed silk sac. Every sac may have over 100 eggs. These sacs are commonly attached to webs, to surfaces, or even carried by the mother. When you find egg sacs, the chances are that a spider infestation is underway.

Spider webs

Have you started seeing more spider webs around your property, in the garden, backyard or around eaves? If so, you probably have a huge problem and require pest control services ASAP. Spider webs come in numerous sizes and shapes — this depends on the kind of spider so check for large, expansive webs, fragile webs, and funnel-shaped webs.

More spiders

If you see more spiders around your building, it’s likely these pests are hiding and multiplying on the premises. More spiders also mean there is food (other pests) in your property. This is a clear indicator there is another pest problem.

Get the best solution from us

Spider infestation problems have to be handled by professionals to avoid risks of spider bites. Ensure you contact a professional pest control firm to not only protect your home but also to eradicate the existing spider problems. The A1 Professional Pest Control team is here for you, so call us today!

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