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Termites, if not controlled, can cause irreparable damage to your property and can affect its quality and structure. As soon as you discover the presence of termites around your home, you need to take pest control measures immediately. A professional can help in termite control to help you get rid of the infestation once and for all. Three most commonly used methods of treatment for termites are:

1. Wood treatment

This includes injected spray and foams. The wood treatment technique serves to kill all existing termite colonies and also prevent new ones from sprouting. A professional will inject termite-infested timber with foam to kill the nest and get rid of the termites. After injecting the foam, a liquid termiticide treatment follows, which is applied to the whole structure to prevent the termites from coming back.

2. Bait system

This option is more appropriate in situations where you do not want to inject chemicals into the soil. Above-the-ground bait stations are attached to timbers where termites are feeding. The termites find their way to the bait, feed on it and die. The technology behind the baits is continually improving to make them better and more effective. The system eliminates existing termites and their nest but does not protect your home from future attack. To deal with heavily infested areas that are severely damaged bait treatments are best used together with liquid termiticide treatment.

3. Liquid treatments

A termite solution applied around the foundations of the building can create a defensive barrier for your home. The solution is safe for both indoor and outdoor applications and also guards your house against future termite attack.

These are some of the termite control methods commonly employed. However, you should engage the services of a professional Canberra pest control company to protect your home from termites attacks adequately. We will not only give you the right information about pest control but also ensure that the problem is eliminated once and for all. Contact us today at A1 Professional Pest Control and schedule a home inspection which should be done every six months.


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