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Most pesky household pests go into sleep mode in the cold months. Termites don’t. Hidden deep inside your home, its business as usual for these destructive creatures.

Termites like to eat (the timber in your home). They also like to drink. If there is a water source near them and the atmosphere is suitably warm, they will eat more. In the winter months when the rain comes, the home is wet and damp. You turn on the heater or light a fire to keep it warm. A warm home in wet winter conditions is an open invitation for termites to move in.

Imminent signs of termite attack

If you can spot them, you can kill them. Here are some signs to look out for:

• Discarded wings
• Bubbling paint or cracked walls
• Dents in the skirting
• Unusual mounds of dirt

What to do if you suspect termites have infiltrated the home?

Don’t try and get rid of them on your own. It will not work and can only make things worse. Call a Canberra pest control and get them to come out to your home immediately.

How pest control kills termites

The pest control professional will need to identify the pest colony first before prescribing the right treatment to deal with the problem. Termites can be forced out and killed by injecting the timber with foam. Sometimes ground baits are used to kill the nest instead of foam injection. The entire surface is then sprayed with a liquid Termiticide treatment to prevent re-infestation.

Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is the best way to deal with termites. There are things you can do around the home to minimise risks including keeping your home dry, ventilating, clearing gutters, fixing leaks and keeping gardens away from walls. The most important measure is to have your home regularly inspected by a pest control professional at least once every six months. Bait stations and chemical soil treatments can also be used as preventive measures to protect your property.

Canberra Pest Control can help you with your termite problems. Contact A1 Professional Pest Control for immediate action.

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