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Termites would in no way make good dinner guests. They would rather eat the wooden furniture on which the food is placed rather than eat the food. Yes, termites do love eating wood. It is one of the reasons why they are a huge nuisance when in and around your home. When at their best munching away at wood, they are very destructive creatures. They are ubiquitous creatures; however, there are still lots of things most people don’t know about ants.


Most termites especially workers and soldiers are blind. However, they don’t need to see since they can work comfortably in the dark. That said, though, reproductive termites have sight which is essential in helping them get mates.

They are important to nature

Away from your home, termites play an essential role in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. They eat fallen tree matter which assists in decomposition. They also play a crucial role in aerating the soil and enriching the soil with nitrogen – an essential component in plant life.

They observe cleanliness

Termites value cleanliness. Cleaning each other is key to their survival. Dirt leaves them susceptible to bacteria and parasite infestation which is a threat to their existence.

They make mounds

Termites especially the species found in Australia make nests which they live in and often outlive the colony. Some of the nests have a diameter of about 30 metres and can be tall. The tallest found yet was 14 metres tall. Termites use digested wood, mud, faeces and soil to make these mounds.

They live in colonies

Termites live in large colonies with millions of individual members. They have a social caste system. At the bottom are the workers. They are the smallest, completely blind, sexually immature and wingless. They feed and groom other castes. Then there are the soldiers whose role is to defend the colony from enemies. At the top are the reproductives who include the king and queen. They are larger than the other classes.

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