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When you think of birds, you may think of beautiful creatures flying high in the sky. What might not come to your mind straight away is swarms of disease-ridden creatures that attack your property. While birds can be harmless, they can also be dangerous. Here are some of the ways birds can negatively affect your home…

Damage to your property

Bird droppings not only make your home unappealing and unclean, but over time bird waste will begin to rot and damage any paintwork on your house. This will not only be costly to repair, but unless you remove the bird problem, the issue will just keep recurring.

Anti-social behaviour

Common bird pests include pigeons, blackbirds and starlings and in mating season, all three of these birds display anti-social behaviour. While for an adult a bird swooping in their face may be startling or annoying, for a child this could be a very fearful experience.

Spread diseases

Previously we discussed how bird droppings can be unsightly, but the potential health risks if you come into contact with them are much, much worse. Bird faeces can spread harmful diseases, this is potentially dangerous to humans but even more dangerous to household pets who may accidentally ingest the droppings.

Spread lice

The birds themselves can be rife with lice or other pests. Lice can transfer from the bird to your pet or into your house, living in your furniture. Lice can bite and leave red itchy marks over humans and have even more serious health risks for pets.

Pest control

Don’t live your life like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’. Take control of your pest problem and contact A1 Professional Pest Control, for Canberra pest control you can rely on. We can provide pest control on a residential or commercial scale and, thanks to our years of experience in the industry, will devise the best possible solution to your bird pest problem. You can trust our service, as we are both environmentally and pet-friendly.

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