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We all dread coming across pests in our homes. From scuttling rodents to creepy insects, there’s nothing pleasant about sharing your space with creatures that could potentially ruin your furniture or carry disease. However, pest invasions are not always immediately obvious, as many of the common culprits are either very small or tend to shy away from open spaces. In this way, it is important to know what signs to look for in case you are unfortunate enough to develop a pest problem. If any of the following red flags start to appear in your home, there is a high chance you will need to call in the experts:

1. Chewed up furniture or wires

Rodents such as mice and rats are prolific chewers and will jump at the chance to get their teeth into your possessions. If you start to notice any damage to furniture, wires, walls or insulation that has no apparent cause, you could well have a rodent problem.

2. Droppings

Noticing droppings or other waste products from rodents or cockroaches is a particularly unpleasant symptom of a pest problem. What’s more, it is also a sign that the pest problem has passed the initial stages and turned into something quite serious. In this way, to stop the problem progressing further, it is vital that you get the experts in immediately as soon as you notice any animal waste products in your home.

3. Unexplained noises

It can be easy to dismiss rustles and pattering as a figment of your imagination, but noises are a common symptom of a pest problem. If you start to hear tell-tale signs in your home, trust your instincts and get the experts in to evaluate the issue.

4. Chipped paint

Peeling paint is a common sign of inner damage caused by insects such as termites, ants or other wood-eating pests. While this kind of damage may seem superficial, it can compromise the integrity of your home, and is something that is undoubtedly worth dealing with as soon as possible!

At A1 Professional Pest Control, we can deal with pest problems thoroughly and efficiently. If you notice any of the above signs, please do get in touch with us as soon as possible. A member of our friendly staff will be happy to take your call.

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