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There are many species of birds in Australia and we like it that way. But pest birds around Canberra cause damage and disruption to homes and businesses every year and drive out native species. We don’t like that!

Species of birds in Australia

Homes and businesses around Canberra will usually experience problems with starlings, pigeons, sparrows, blackbirds or Mynah birds. There are many more species of birds in Australia, and different species can cause different problems. That’s why it’s best to hire trained and knowledgeable professionals to help tackle whichever bird species is disrupting your property.

The damage pest birds can cause

We all know what birds get like during mating season. They can swoop, make nests, make lots of noise, and require more food and resources to start their new families. This can cause dangerous or antisocial behaviour amongst many species of birds, disrupting your daily routine by swooping, pecking at surfaces, and calling to each other for long periods during the day.

Flocks of birds release droppings which can be harmful to your car, house and decking, leaving your house or business looking unattractive, and can often spread harmful diseases. Constant pecking can also damage surfaces around your Canberra home or business and, while one bird may not be a problem, families can stay in one area for long periods of time and will often return to the same place each year if they get what they need from it.

What you can do about pest birds on your property

Contact us, A1 Professional Pest Control, we’ve been dealing with pest birds in Canberra for over 10 years. We offer residential and commercial options for pest bird control and we provide individually customised solutions to your pest bird issues.

Pet and environmentally-friendly methods of making flocks of pest birds move on to another location quickly and effectively for all species of birds make A1 Professional Pest Control a trusted provider of pest control services in Canberra. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are happy to provide a free quote throughout Canberra and the surrounding areas.

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