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You have spent a lot of money on your home and your security is invested in it. The last thing you want is for it to fall down around you. By following our tips on protecting your home from termite infestation you can give your home back its sense of security.

Start with your yards and gardens


• Keep your yard clear of wood debris, dead trees, and old stumps

• Lift any necessary wood piles off the ground – watch for infestation signs

• Fix water leaks – termites like moisture

• Be vigilant


• Don’t store things against your home’s walls

• Don’t mulch against your home, termites LOVE mulch

• Make sure you keep space between your home’s walls and gardens

• Prevent the air holes (weep holes or vent faces)in bricks from getting blocked – airflow helps prevent the build-up of moisture

Check for signs of termites

Vigilance is just as important as keeping your space clear. Recognising the following signs can help end any termite activity before it gets too large and damaging.

• Termites use mud to create their colonies inside your home, so look for any mud trails.

• Be aware of any sagging, easily damaged wood, cracks, or wood that sounds hollow

• Power failures can sometimes be attributed to termites – they crave the warmth the wiring emits

Call the professionals

The most important tip is to ring the professionals. There are many DIY options on the markets to exterminate infestations, but they just don’t do the job right. For the best protection, your home needs a multifaceted solution.

1. In-ground bait stations – bait stations are good as early-warning devices

2. Foam – injected into the infestation to remove them from the structure

3. Liquid termiticide treatment – applied to the soil as protection for the entire structure

4. Six-monthly checks are essential

By giving your home the A1 Professional Pest Control three-step treatment you put your home in the hands of the best Canberra pest control company.

Whether you need a Gungahlin pest control company or a Belconnen pest control company, the best team in Canberra are the professionals here at A1 Professional Pest Control.

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