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With over 350 different active termite species in our country, sometimes an infestation of these dreaded creatures in a house, office, factory, other business or retail premises can be frighteningly obvious from just a visual inspection. Often, though, our Canberra, Gungahlin, Belconnen, Tuggeranong and Queanbeyan pest control team have to undertake a much more detailed search. We are often asked exactly how we do locate the problem; almost like people are eager to know how the detective solved the murder in one of those TV mysteries.

Searching out those vital clues

Like the best of those investigators, we simply seek out the evidence. There are many ways to do this, the first being a visual termite inspection. This is completed by knocking on timbers, shining a torch along walls and timbers to detect deviations and a moisture meter to check for higher than normal moisture levels, especially around wet areas like your bathroom or laundry.

Our favourite way is to use the Termatrac T3i with 3 sensors, Radar, Moisture and Thermal. With all 3 sensors in one hand held device, we can confirm movement and extent of activity with the radar sensor, detect moisture differential and thermal abnormalities. Termites don’t stand a chance!

Adding an extra string to our detection bow

Here at A1 Pest Control, we have FLUKE Thermal imaging camera technology, accurate to an astonishing one-thousandth of an inch. This provides a screen display showing any infrared emissions from the top of the target surface area. This highlights any anomalies from what would be expected.

How we’re not like those TV detective shows!

Unlike those shows where heinous crimes are always committed, we often find no guilty party as there is no infestation. This offers real peace of mind to so many property owners. However, where an infestation is present, our experts can then move on to discuss your key options for both problem solution and future avoidance.

Our professional team won’t have spyglasses, deerstalkers hats, or suck lollipops, as other famous sleuths have been known to. But we will cheerfully set to work as expert termite detectives!

A1 Professional Pest Control, Your pest detectives!

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