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Possums may look cute and cuddly when they are climbing through the trees or playing on your porch, but once the little buggers set up house in the roof or wall cavities of your home or business, they sound and act like an avenging hoard setting out to conquer the halls of hell.

Possums can cause so many problems!

Nothing is quite like waking at two in the morning to the ear piercing growling and shrieking that indicates they are protecting their particular corner of the ceiling above bedroom three, or to see customers cringe in horror as the lunchtime rush is quietened by the sounds of hob nailed claws galumphing across the ceiling. Don’t even think about what they are do … do … doing in your ceiling, because the mess does not bear contemplating.

Whilst possums can be difficult to get rid of once they are established, it’s not hard to prevent the invasion.

Clear clutter and remove tree branches

Start by making sure you have no tree branches within reach of your gutters, this makes good sense for a multitude of reasons including bushfire hazard reduction and keeping all sorts of pests away.

Clear away the clutter from around the property, bits of building materials and things you ‘might use one day’ become an adventure playgrounds for possums when stacked or propped against your house or shed.

Secure your bins and fix loose gutters

Make sure bins are kept firmly closed and away from the side of the building. You don’t want to be inviting unwanted guests for dinner in the middle of the night, and you certainly don’t want to give them a launching ramp.

Check and fix loose gutters and roofing to ensure entry holes don’t open up, make sure you don’t have any tiles missing or loose.

Get expert help.

Finally, if the hoard have already descended and you’ve tried and given up on the removal methods recommended by the local council, your neighbours and the ever helpful Google, get the experts from A1 Professional Pest Control in Canberra, Belconnen and Gungahlin to get it done right and give you back a quiet night’s sleep.

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