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FIRSTLY!! Call the ACT Beekeepers Association, their website is actbeekeepers.asn.au

You will find a list of swarm collectors in your area. If they are unable to help then please do contact us, thank you.

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What are feral bees?

That’s right, there are feral bees as well as feral cats! Australia is home to several types of feral bee, the most common being the European Honey Bee (Apis mellifera). Feral bees tend to build their nests in an open space, such as under a house eave or on a high tree branch; they don’t stray from areas close to water and you don’t tend to see them in alpine areas, either.

You may also be unfortunate enough to be playing host to a swarm of commercial honey bees, which likely started from an escapee from one of those big white bee boxes you see on farms. These bees usually play house in a wall cavity, inside your chimney or perhaps in the hollow of a tree trunk. Members of these kinds of swarms will often be buzzing just outside the entrance to their abode as if warning off potential intruders, including you! The introduced feral bees, however, can cause significant damage.

Just how much of a problem are they?

Believed to have been here for nearly 200 years, these introduced feral invaders can be the carriers of diseases that threaten Australia’s managed honey bee industry, which provides honey products and keeps hives for crop pollination. Introduced honey bees are a very competitive species, battling Australia’s own native bees and birds for food resources and sites to construct nests.

What should you do if you have feral bees?

Firstly, remember they sting, and it doesn’t tickle, so don’t play around with the bees or the nest, and definitely don’t try and remove them yourself. Some people may be allergic to them and this can be a serious concern. If you or someone you are with is stung, and there appears to be an allergic reaction, call an ambulance.

Secondly, call a professional to help. In the Canberra region, call A1 Professional Pest Control on (02) 6278 5858, the professionals in the industry for over a decade, both residentially and commercially. Our friendly staff will provide a free quote to help you with your buzzing freeloaders.

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