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During the warmer months spiders become more active and you may start to see more of them in and around your home. In Canberra, we have a huge number of local spider species (some of which are very dangerous) and it can be tricky to tell them apart. To help you stay safe, here are five of the most common spider species that you might see.


These guys are reasonably easy to recognise. They have long spindly legs and large brown/grey furry bodies. The Australian huntsman can grow quite large (around 2.5 centimetres) with a whopping 12-centimetre leg span. Huntsman spiders are actually slightly venomous and bites can cause local swelling and nausea.

Redback spider

Aptly named for their distinctive red stripe, redback spiders differ according to gender. Females are black, with large abdomens and very clear red stripe, whereas males are brownish, with brown and black striped legs and are generally thinner looking. Redback spiders are poisonous and cause swelling, nausea, and vomiting.

Wolf spider

A common sight in gardens, wolf spiders are hunters and live in silk-lined burrows. They are a greyish-brown colour with long, slim back legs and sturdier front legs. While the wolf spider is not poisonous, its still stings if they bite.

White-tailed spider

White-tailed spiders hang out in dark crevices and are drawn to floral aromas and bright colours (so be careful when you bring in the washing). Their bodies are a dark or reddish-grey, with a whitish tip at the end of their abdomen. They are technically poisonous and their bites can cause redness and itching.

Black house spider

Black house spiders are web dwellers and are usually spotted across windows, doorways and dark corners in the house. They are black in colour, very furry and have dark brown or black legs. These guys are venomous and although they don’t usually bite, if they do it’s incredibly painful and causes nausea and swelling.

Want a spider free home?

If you spot any of these spiders in your home, then call the team at A1 Professional Pest control. We specialise in the identification and extermination of common Canberra spider species, so you can enjoy your home in peace. 🙂

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