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Cockroaches have been on this planet for about 300 million years and they show no sign of leaving. They are extremely hardy insects – they may even be capable of surviving a nuclear war.

In Canberra, cockroaches thrive during the summer months when conditions are warm and humid. They infest homes and places of business, creating all kinds of hygienic havoc. Here are some creepy facts about cockroaches that will convince you to get rid of them ASAP.

1. Not fussy eaters

Cockroaches have few dietary restrictions. They like starchy, sweet, greasy or meaty foods but they will readily feast on beer, pet food, soap, hair, flakes of dead skin, faeces and even glue.

2. Unwanted guests

The small German cockroach is one of the main types of cockroaches found in Canberra. At 10mm to 15mm, it can easily squeeze into small cracks or holes and create a large colony behind your walls. It also likes to live under fridges, ovens, hot water heaters and behind cupboards.

3. Creatures of the night

By day, cockroaches stay in their dark hiding places. At night, they come out to feast on whatever food and water they can find. An infestation can occur all too rapidly, without anyone ever seeing a cockroach.

4. Dirty little things

While cockroaches may be hard to spot during the day, they leave behind foul-smelling bodily secretions – faeces and vomit – which are often visible to the naked eye. They also shed their skin.

5. Health risk

Cockroaches carry disease pathogens, notably E.coli, Staphylococcus and salmonella. As a consequence, cockroaches contaminate whatever they come into contact with. Anyone who eats food that comes out of a cockroach-infested kitchen risks contracting food poisoning, diarrhoea and dysentery.

6. Allergy triggers

Many people – children, in particular – have an allergic reaction to shed cockroach skin and cockroach droppings. Eczema, rashes, sinus problems, cough, asthma – these are some of the unpleasant side-effects of living with cockroaches.

Getting rid of cockroaches is not an easy or fun job. Nor is it something you should do yourself.

At A1 Professional Pest control, we are experts at eliminating cockroaches from homes and workplaces. We use modern, effective, humane pest control solutions to ensure our customers receive the best possible Canberra pest control service. Contact us today and let us get rid of those disgusting cockroaches for you.

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