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The predominant form of a rodent infestation in an Aussie house is the common rat or mouse. Often they will live in your roof, walls or under the floor. As such, it is important to know whether you have an infestation as these unwanted housemates can cause damage to wiring and walls/ceiling panels. However, they also pose a health hazard as they are carriers of serious diseases, including salmonella and listeria.

Below are some signs to look out for if you suspect you might have an infestation.

Rodent droppings

If you find new droppings (which are dark and moist) you can be sure there is a mouse or rat in the vicinity. Droppings will be found close to food sources, perhaps in draws or cupboards and in other hidden areas. Focus on where you suspect they are feeding or nesting as an initial point of investigation.

Chew marks

Often rodents will chew on food packaging, walls or similar. Identifying fresh gnaw or chew marks is a strong indicator that you have a local rat or mouse population.

Runways or paths

Mice and rats move around the house to find food and nest during the evening when you’re asleep. These rodents leave distinctive paths or tracks along walls or commuting routes. If you suspect rodents might be travelling through your house, consider leaving flour or baby power on the floor so you can clearly see paw prints the following day.


As with any animal, rodents are driven to nest. They will collect paper, fabric or dead plants to make their nests, often in a dark and secluded place to keep their offspring safe. If you find a nest you can be confident that you have a rodent infestation.

Rodents in your yard

Rodents are attracted to food, so they can be found around rubbish and food waste too. To reduce the likelihood of rats or mice living near, around or in your house, keep rubbish confined and away from the home.

Each of these signs will help you determine if you have a rodent problem in your home, and whether you need to contact A1 Professional Pest Control to remove them.

Happy hunting!! 🙂

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