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As with any problem, there are many ‘facts’ about termites that you might hear from well-meaning friends or family. Some are simply not true, others have a level of fact hidden somewhere within them. Here are four things it’s worth being clear about…

# It’s probably just white ants!

This can be a well-meaning thought, suggesting the lesser of two evils! However, the simple truth is that there is no such thing as white ants. The description is usually applied to termites because of their milky, translucent colour. Here are two useful differences between termites and ants to look out for…

1. Termites have straight antennae compared to a more bent, elbow-like configuration in ants

2. Flying ants do not shed their wings but termites do. So, it’s worthwhile checking areas such as window sills for any discarded wings

# Termites communicate through head banging each other

Not exactly, unless they happen to be heavy metal fans! What they do is either bang their heads against a wooden surface or shake their bodies. This is to warn others in the colony of possible danger. You’d pick this up as a quiet clicking sound coming from your walls. Mind you, a survey did find that termites ate twice as fast when they were introduced to rock music!

# You can spot termite droppings

This is true – dry-wood termites push their excreta out of small holes near their nest. You might notice a darkish and powdery substance around the area of an infestation

The above are just examples of many ‘facts’ about termites. One obvious truth is that they can cause serious and prolonged damage to any property they infest. Our highly experienced A1 Professional Pest Control team offers valuable advice and unmatched services for Canberra, Gungahlin and Belconnen pest control situations. Whatever you wish to ask, we’re ready to answer…

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