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Clothes moths do not appear like a threat when they are first spotted in the house. Give them a few weeks to roam around, and you will have yourself a severe moth problem. These flying villains do not come cheap: they prefer feeding on wool, silk, luscious cashmere, cotton and shearling feathers which are relatively expensive. If you consider the financial implications, you cannot afford to ignore a clothes moth. Here are a few pest control tips to use before damage strikes.

How moths get into your home

• Through contaminated clothes
• Larger pests such as birds and rodents
• Flying in through windows and open doors
• Damp, warm conditions

How to prevent and get rid of a moth infestation

Examine clothes

Check all new clothing items, especially second-hand clothes. Some carry larvae. It is easier to catch them before they hatch.

Control birds and rodents

Larger pests such as birds and rodents have a habit of carrying moths on their fur. Controlling them will reduce the chance of infestation.

Open doors and windows

Clothes moths can easily fly in through windows and open doors in search of food. Use a sheer curtain on your doors and windows to block their entry.

Lower house temperatures

High temperatures encourage the breeding and feeding of moths. Lower your house temperature to reduce the chance of infestation.

Seal off hideouts

To avoid being killed, moths will hide in cracks. Seal all cracks in your house, especially wardrobes, with foam, putty or silicone caulk. The vacuum you create with kill the lava and any moths hiding in these areas.

Call a pest control professional service

If you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, it’s best to call a pest control professional to sort things out. It may cost you slightly more, but your moth problem will be a thing of the past.

For the best Canberra pest control services, contact A1 Professional Pest Control for thorough inspection and fumigation. Early fumigation reduces the loss of favourite clothes, saves you money and keeps the little flying villains away.

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