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If you’ve discovered that you’re sharing your home with unwanted rodents, insects or birds, a common reaction is to take a trip to the local hardware store for some poison, dust down the step ladder and prepare to give those critters a blasting: after all, what could possibly go wrong? The reality is that DIY pest control can be not only dangerous, it can also be potentially fatal, as well as costing far more than simply hiring a professional Canberra pest control company. Take a look at three of the main pitfalls a DIY pest control job may have:

1. Pests can be vicious

Even normally docile animals can become aggressive should they discover that their nest is under attack. Even with the right protective clothing a bee sting can be an issue especially if your allergic; wearing standard clothing when facing angry pests is a recipe for disaster. Enraged pests may not just stop at attacking you: angry bee swarms for example, will attack anyone in the vicinity – bad news for any bystanders.

2. Inaccessible nests create problems

From ladder falls through to tree falls, slips, trips and slides, trying to tackle an infestation that’s in an awkward location is always a challenge. Professionals have the skills, experience and equipment to minimise the risk; an amateur on a step ladder, not so much. Why risk a visit to the hospital when a professional can solve the problem quickly and safely?

3. Pests are a health hazard

Not only do pests harbour some pretty unpleasant diseases, their nest, faeces and urine can also contain bacteria and viruses that can make people seriously ill, or worse. Even if the pests are removed successfully, unless the right protective clothing (potentially including breathing apparatus) is worn, you could end up very sick, as could your family – some of the diseases pests carry are air-borne.

For all these reasons and more, it really does make more sense to call in the professionals. Affordable, highly trained and with the right equipment and skills to get the job done properly and safely, they are the go-to choice for any responsible homeowner.

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