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Rodents can cause havoc in your residential or commercial property. Besides being very destructive, chewing on electrical cables and even air conditioning ducts, they also can spread diseases. There are various ways in which you can use to reduce the chances of having rodents in your property significantly. Such methods include…

Keep your outdoor area neat

Most types of rodents usually hide in areas which are untidy and disorganised. If you have tall grass and bushes near your home, you are giving rodents an ideal place to hide. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that your home and land are clean and well organised, cutting back the grass on your property is certainly easier than dealing with a rodent problem.

Throw leftovers away properly

Rodents usually come into your home looking for food and shelter. They mainly eat leftovers you throw away in places where they can easily access. If you store your leftovers carelessly, such as on a countertop, rodents will be attracted to the scent and will come into your home or business premises. You should ensure that you keep any leftovers in a suitable container and in an enclosed place which cannot be accessed by any rodent.

Have regular inspections

It is also beneficial to regularly inspect your home or office for rodents. Inspection is necessary because when rodents get into your home, they can hide in places which are hard for you to access. If you suspect there are rodents in your home or workplace you should contact a specialist immediately to stop the problem from escalating. A1 Professional Pest Control offers top quality pest control services and can inspect your home to make sure there are no rodents. We can even provide you with professional advice on how to prevent rodents from entering your home, should we find no rodents present during an inspection.

By following the above tips you should reduce your chances of rodents entering your home! If you need any rodent related services, contact our expert team and we shall ensure your home or business is rodent free.

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