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When it comes to protecting your Canberra home from pests, don’t rely on a single line of defence. You wouldn’t lock only your doors and leave your windows open when you leave the house. So why would you only take one of the multiple steps available when protecting your home from destructive pests threatening your house and the health of your family?

Early warning systems

Pest control professionals will help you with the first level of defence for your home by setting up bait stations. Bait stations work to attract ants, termites and rodents and poison them once they have visited the station. This is encouraging the pests to eat the bait rather than dine-in on your home. It is also eliminating the pests. However, bait stations are not a solid defence for your home. While you can strategically place bait stations around your home, you cannot guarantee the pests will visit the bait rather than your home. For the pests that are not taken care of by baiting, you need multiple layers of defence.

Regular inspections

Have a professional pest controller inspect your home every six months. This will identify any weak areas of your home which could allow entry to pests. An inspection will also identify any areas which are particularly attractive to pests. This could include areas with poor drainage, construction faults or areas which are prone to weakness from weather damage. It is important to have a professional pest controller complete the inspection as they will be able to identify any early signs of infestation.

Multi-layered treatments

A chemical soil treatment can be used to control and prevent pests such as termites. The treatment is applied to the perimeter of your home and to the subfloor. This removes the termites’ ability to access your home. As a result, you’re protected from future infestations.

If a pest infestation is found in your home, A1 Professional Pest Control will continue a multi-layered attack. For example, infested timber can be injected with foam to remove termites and kill the nest. The next wave of attack is a liquid termiticide treatment of your entire home to prevent the pests returning.

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