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Rats are one of the most common pest species on the planet. Many homeowners, however, view rat infestations as something that simply will not happen to them. Indeed, there is a prevailing myth that rats are only attracted to dirty or dilapidated homes. This is simply not the case, however, as rats will settle themselves anywhere as long as there is food, water, and shelter available.

Being able to separate this kind of myth from fact is vital if you want to be prepared for potential pest problems. To ensure that you’re well-informed on the topic of rat infestations, we’ve busted a few common myths below:

Myth #1: Rats don’t carry diseases any more

It is a well-known fact that rats were once a scourge on Medieval cities, spreading plague and disease in a way that devastated civilisations. In the twenty-first century, however, you’d be forgiven for believing that rat-related diseases are consigned to history. Whilst modern medicine and hygiene standards have hugely reduced the chances of picking up diseases from rats, they can still carry harmful pathogens including salmonella and trichinosis that could harm you and your family.

Myth #2: Handling rats is safe

Some people are happy to corner and handle wild rats that have entered their home, believing it to be safe. It is important to understand that there are major differences between wild and domesticated rats, however. Whilst domesticated rats are usually friendly, wild rats can be vicious and will not think twice about biting you.

Myth #3: Rats love cheese

This is a common myth perpetuated by children’s cartoons. Only certain types of rat have a taste for cheese, meaning you are unlikely to trap them using a block of your favourite cheddar.

Myth #4: Cats are effective rat controllers

Most domesticated cats are actually very ineffectual hunters. Rats are notoriously cunning prey and the chances of your cat dealing with an infestation are slim at best.

Call A1 Professional Pest Control today

By debunking these common myths, we’ve hopefully demonstrated the vital importance of dealing with a rat infestation as quickly as possible. In most cases, this means calling in a team of experts. At A1 Professional Pest Control, we are dedicated to dealing with pest problems as a matter of urgency. Find out more on our service pages.

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