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Sometimes your Canberra home or business may be infested with unwanted pests and you simply don’t know what to do about it. While large, persistent infestations are obvious to the naked eye, there are many early warning signs of when an infestation begins, so you can treat the problem before it gets out of hand.

At A1 Professional Pest Control, we know first-hand how quickly an infestation can escalate, and the importance of early intervention from professional pest control operators. In this article, we identify the little-known signs that you have a pest infestation, from the smallest of indicators that you may have missed!

You Can Hear Them

One of the initial signs of a pest infestation is a change in the normal sounds around your property. These sounds aren’t the usual building creaking, or the sounds from the weather, but distinct creature noises produced from the pests moving around and scratching. Some pests will make louder sounds than others, like rats or mice, compared to that of small insects. However, some pests won’t make any sounds, so don’t rely on this to be your only indicator.

You Can Smell Them

When a small space is full of rodents and pests, the odour in the air is certainly unusual and highly pungent. If these smells are uncommon for your home, investigate them properly, but ensure to eliminate any other possibilities, like mouldy food or dirty clothes. The smell may also come out of nowhere, and you may not notice it until you have spent some time away from your home or office. Professional pest control services, like us at Canberra A1 Pest Control, can quickly identify these smells.

Your Home Has Unexplainable Damage

Rodents especially love to chew up the home, and if you find damage to any parts of your home, not caused by yourself or your pets, you may be experiencing a pest situation. You will commonly find damage to the furniture, especially low down on chair legs and couch bases, and to cables and wires. Plants are equally affected and can appear chewed or they suddenly begin to deteriorate quickly.

You Can See One Or Some Of Them

One of the most obvious signs of an infestation is physically seeing the pests and rodents around your property. Though a singular insect or rodent isn’t an indication of an infestation, it demonstrates your property is vulnerable to pests getting in, or the beginning of something worse.

A pest infestation can easily become worse if you ignore the early warning signs. Contact A1 Professional Pest Control today if you notice any unusual smells and sound changes, and the appearance of pests, in your property.

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