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The moment your home becomes infested with unwanted pests, there is no doubt you want them gone as quickly as possible. The temptation to take care of the issue yourself is great, and while you may have seen the pest control products in your local Bunnings store, there is an assumption you can handle the matter yourself.

Through years of helping homeowners in Canberra with their pest control concerns, we know how unsuccessful DIY pest control really is, and we take you through why you should save your money and efforts for the professionals.

Ineffective Treatments

The options for DIY pest control simply aren’t as good as the professional-grade products. The products you see over the counter at the supermarket, Bunnings, or online, look like they should work, however, they simply don’t have the power to rid large, persistent infestations. They are generally designed for spot extermination, not large scale problems.

Wrong Application

If you do happen to get your hands on the professional grade products, there are many hazards you face in the application of the chemical. These types of treatments will often require several steps, professional techniques to ensure proper, accurate application, and ways of applying so it’s once-off, and doesn’t need reapplying. Without the knowledge of how these products should be applied, you can end up making your situation and indeed your health worse.

Dangerous Application

Following on from the above point, incorrect application of the pest control chemicals can cause harm to you, your family members, and the people around you. Exposure to these chemicals can be dangerous to your health, poisoning you and making you very ill. While these may seem like extreme effects, pest control chemicals are completely safe when applied professionally, and will cause no harm to you if they are applied correctly.

Cost You More

Most commonly, DIY pest control ends up costing you more money in the long run. Whether it be from the wrong application, the hazardous consequences, or simply not using the right product for your infestation, most people find they need to hire an experienced operator to fix the DIY job or complete it again.

Get your pest problem under control properly by using Canberra’s leading pest control, A1 Professional Pest Control. Contact us today for a quote, and get your pest control problem under control now!
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