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Most people assume living in Canberra apartment blocks, especially newly built ones, removes the risk of pest infestations. However, the scale of the building doesn’t deter all insects and pests, and management of vermin can prove tricky for pest controllers and residents. Through our experience with apartment buildings, we share with you how to avoid pest infestations in your small space, and the strange ways insects and bugs are making their way inside.

Take your shoes off

Most pests infiltrating apartments usually come from external sources, and one of the most common carriers is on the bottom of your shoes. Especially after travel and time spent in rural areas, bugs can make a home on the soles of shoes and the hiding spots in bags. Many apartment dwellers opt for a no-shoe policy, where their shoes are removed and cleaned before entering the apartment. Larger complexes usually offer common areas to wipe down your shoes before entering the building, however, this doesn’t prevent bugs already inside the building.

Analyse what you bring into the home

Shoes are just one carrier for insects and bugs, but unwanted pests can travel on some of the most unexpected items you bring into your apartment. Due to the storage restrictions, apartment dwellers often have exterior or exposed storage cages, where spiders and dust mites make a home. When moving boxes inside the house or even furniture kept in storage, these pests make their way in quickly.

Consider your pets

While we endeavour to keep our furry friends clean and healthy, they can bring pests inside the apartment on their fur, collar and paws. Keeping your pets inside, especially dogs, is often unreasonable; instead, institute a thorough cleaning routine between outside visits. Pet suppliers offer disposable wipes, which you can keep by the entry doors for quick and effective clean downs of your pet’s fur and accessories.

Keep your home clean

Bugs, insects and unwanted pests are usually attracted to dirty, grimy surfaces, as they’re on the hunt for food and water supplies. Removing this attraction is the simplest form of pest control management for any Canberra apartment, as you are removing the sustenance they crave. Vacuum regularly, mop tiled surfaces, and keep your counters and floors free of food and dirty dishes.

Is your apartment susceptable to pests and infestations? Contact us at A1 Professional Pest Control to manage your Canberra apartment today!

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