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If you have ever suffered from a pest infestation, a persistent home invasion of your home or office by insects and rodents, you will know first-hand how frustrating it can be. However, the idea of the pests returning is terrifying, and you will do anything to avoid it happening again.

There are some basics to effective Canberra pest control; through simple yet effective daily tasks, you can avoid an infestation easily, and create a pest-free home all year round!

Clear The Garbage

Rodents and insects are highly attracted to the areas of the home where you keep rubbish and food. The build-up of rotting food, scraps, and consumables packaging should be cleared regularly, and shouldn’t be kept in the home longer than a day or two. Smaller bins will help you to clear the rubbish more often, and ideally keep the bin’s location away from fresh food and your pantry to avoid contamination. Open food packets, like flour and cereals, attract bugs quickly, so keep these sealed in airtight containers away from the bin.

Keep Bins Away From The House

Your council clears your large, outdoor rubbish bins once a week, and during the days between the collection, your bins attract insects and bugs quickly. This is the nature of the large bins, and an unavoidable process, therefore it’s essential you keep your large bins away from the house. Find a spot away from the home and foot traffic, where they can be kept away from entry points to the house.

Avoid Pooling Water

Areas of the home that are moist and constantly wet are a breeding ground for water-loving bugs. While places like the sink and toilet are constantly being cleaned, bugs will still appear because of simple human error. To avoid these water-loving bugs, we advise against leaving puddles of water unattended, or full buckets, dishes and glasses with water for an extended period.

Block Entry Points

The bugs in your home have to come from somewhere, and while you unavoidably traipse bugs into the home on the bottoms of shoes or bags, it’s important to remove clear entry points for unwanted pests. Flyscreens on doors and windows are paramount for winged bugs, and properly sealed vents and gaps in the home will discourage all other pests from entering.

Seek Help From Pest Controllers

As professional Canberra pest control experts, we can easily identify the potential areas where bugs and rodents are likely to be breeding, or access the home unwelcomely. Through consultation and preventive treatments, we can prime your home to pre-emptively eliminate an infestation, and help you create a pest-free home. If your Canberra home is in desperate need of pest control, or you’re concerned of potential infestations, contact us, at A1 Professional Pest Control Canberra, to discuss your needs today!

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