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So, you’ve heard the patter of tiny feet in the dead of night and seen droppings where droppings have no right to be: you’re clearly playing unwilling host to unwanted furry visitors and now is the time to deal with them. Rather than hiring a Canberra pest control expert to get the job done, you may be thinking of trying to save yourself a few bucks and attempt a DIY removal. Please read this before you go ahead.

DIY removal is rarely effective

Rodents survive because they are highly adapted to their pest lifestyle. Cunning enough to evade standard traps, many also have a tolerance to commonly used poisons. Even if you catch one or two, there could still be dozens in your property – all of which have the capacity to breed. DIY methods often enable numbers to have time to grow, rather than the reverse.

Without preventative measures such as inspection, the rodents will return

Even if, by some miracle, you manage to eradicate an infestation without injuring yourself or others, without regular, expert inspection, fresh rodents can easily return. This means you could be putting yourself and your family through the perilous DIY eradication process every few months.

Is it worth it? We don’t think so. For an economical, highly effective, expertly administered Canberra pest control solution, please get in touch.

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