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If you’ve ever experienced an outbreak of mice in your home, you will know first-hand how destructive the experience can be. If you have been lucky enough to avoid the invasion, a mice infestation isn’t worth gambling on. Every home needs to take steps towards preventing this from happening, simply by executing permanent changes to the home’s set up. In this article, we share with you our expert pest control advice on why you should prepare your home against a mice outbreak and the benefits of protecting yourself against these unwanted vermin.

Your health is key

One of the most significant reasons to protect your home against a mice outbreak is for your health and safety. Mice carry many diseases and germs with them and, due to their size, can spread these very easily across the home. While you may not be able to hear or see mice, they can leave droppings and excretions, which means diseases can be left behind long after they are gone.

Your home’s safety and maintenance

Mice and rodents are notorious for chewing through electrical cords and destroying parts of the house, such as the walls and flooring. Some parts of the home may become so damaged that the destruction is beyond repair, and entire sections of the home may need replacing. Though you may think this is an extreme possibility, it only takes one mouse or rodent to begin the process for the damage to occur.

Cost control

Once an outbreak begins in your home, and your house is infested with mice and rodents, you’ll likely have visible and unseen damage, as well as the demand for a professional Canberra pest control service. Depending on how severe your infestation is will depend on how much the cost of repairs will be; however, it’s a reality that you’ll be out of pocket to fix the situation. Fixing the issue could involve intensive pest control removal, replacement of paint and wall structures, as well as furniture, electronics and wiring. Once these areas need repairing, you may find yourself significantly out of pocket.

How to prevent mice: the basics

Preventative rodent control isn’t hard to implement into your home. There are two courses of action you can take right now to fight a potential outbreak. The first includes repairing possible access points throughout the house, including gaps in the doors, windows and floors of your home. Keeping your home clean will also help to detract mice; this involves regularly vacuuming, mopping and clearing the house of any rubbish build up. The second approach is seeking the advice from a professional pest control service, who can assess your home and advise you on the areas mice can potentially infiltrate.

Take action against rodents in your home now; contact us at A1 Professional Pest Control to discuss preventative care for your home today!

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