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From time to time, every home becomes infested with unwanted rodents or insects, and the inevitable visit from a Canberra pest control agency, such as us at A1 Professional Pest Control, arrives. Preparing your home for this visit is essential; not only do you make the process quicker and easier for the expert completing the job, but you ensure your home, belongings and family members remain safe. In this article, we share with you the top five things to do to prepare your home for your pest control appointment, detailing the areas that need particular attention, and where your family will need to be during the treatment.

Clean your floors

Depending on the type of infestation you are experiencing, cleaning the floors before the pest service can help, especially if fleas, ants or cockroaches are the problem. This specific clean targets insect eggs and sources of food, removing them from the floor. If left unremoved, the vermin will only continue to breed. To best achieve this clean, thoroughly vacuum, followed by mopping hard surfaces making sure to get into even the hard to reach areas. Once your floors are clean, sufficiently clean your wash buckets and empty your vacuum bag into your outdoor bin, ensuring the bag seal is tight. Vacuuming and cleaning will help flush vermin out of their hiding places, and make for a more effective treatment.

Remove your pets

Before the appointment, it’s essential to find another spot for your animals during the time of your appointment. While larger animals can get in the way of the technician’s work, exposure to the treatment chemicals for animals of all sizes can be hazardous.

Remove your food from exposure

It’s vital to cover any exposed food, outside of your fridge and cupboards, for your appointment. It’s easy to neglect the food sitting on benches, such as fruit bowls, or food close to the ground, such as a pet’s bowl. The products used for the extermination aren’t for consumption, so any food left out is at risk of contamination. If you can’t store it away cover it with a towel or store in a sealed container.

Create ultimate access

Your pest technicians require ample access throughout your home, underneath your house and into your garden, so it’s essential to provide them with adequate access around the affected areas. Parts of your home that are usually locked, or large obstructions to doorways and entry points, need to be removed temporarily for the duration of your appointment.

Make plans for you and the family

It isn’t ideal to be present in the short term after the treatment, as you need time for the chemicals to settle before re-entering your home. The severity of the treatment will determine how long you should stay away; however, as most time frames are at least four hours, it’s best to make extended plans for your family and pets.

If preparing your Canberra home for a visit from us, A1 Professional Pest Control, is concerning you, contact us today to discuss your next treatment!

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