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There are around 12,000 species of wasp in Australia, including the English Wasp and the fast-spreading European Wasp which is becoming more common in Canberra. These wasps can be identified by their yellow and black body markings and will vary in size from around 12 to 17mm.

Wasps can cause ongoing problems when they establish nests around your property, and the places they invade can include hollow walls, vents, and attics as well as under outdoor tables and awnings, windowsills and tree stumps. They are aggressive when their nests are disturbed, and they can pose a stinging threat to you and your family. Here are the key points to keep in mind regarding wasps.

Stay clear of active nests

A wasp sting is painful and can cause allergies so it is best to keep your distance from a live nest and contact a Canberra pest control professional. If you sight several wasps in the vicinity, it’s possible that one or more nests have been established on your property.

Watch for the signs

If you suspect there is a nest nearby, watch closely when you spot a wasp and observe its flight path. This will lead you to the area where the nest is likely located. Wasps will establish a nest where they have easy access to the outside, so regular places are in sheds and carports, under eaves and in roof spaces. The nests have a distinctive papery wall appearance, the result of the insects creating it from their saliva and from chewed wood pulp. The size of the nest can vary greatly. They start off around the size of a finger or a golf ball and can grow throughout the summer months to the size of a clenched fist or even a football or larger.

Keeping wasps away

Keep an eye out for wasp activity as it’s best to have nests removed while they are still in the early stage. This prevents the build-up of a wasp community. To ensure wasps are not attracted to your area, don’t leave food and drink outside and keep your bins secure so that the insects are not drawn in by the aromas and contents. A qualified pest control expert can remove a nest quickly and effectively, especially when the nests are in difficult-to-reach positions such as wall cavities and roofs. In some cases, the nest does not need to be removed but can be treated instead to eliminate the infestation.

If you sight a nest or you notice an increase in wasp activity around your property, call in A1 Professional Pest Control for expert advice and the fastest, easiest solution.

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