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Spiders are most people’s least favourite pet, and in this part of the world, they could seriously hurt you if left in your home. Though most venomous spiders aren’t exactly aggressive, they don’t make ideal house guests.

However, many spiders are just friendly visitors who have no plans to bite you and can actually be beneficial to have around the house, as long as it’s just one and not an infestation. It is important to be able to identify venomous spiders so that you can arrange to have them removed by a Canberra pest control service and very much leave them alone.

The most common venomous spiders in Australia are the infamous funnel web, the redback, and the black house spider. Each of these nasty customers has a distinctive appearance that should help you identify them before trying to get rid of them yourself and possibly putting yourself in danger.

Funnel Web – This brute enjoys the title of the world’s most dangerous spider and can often be found in back gardens. The funnel web is one of the few genuinely angry spiders and must be avoided until it can be dealt with by a professional. It can be difficult to identify a funnel-web as there are quite a few varieties, but if you spot a large possibly pitch-black spider in your shrubbery it’s best to be safe and have it removed. In the meantime keep all children and pets far away from it.

Redback – These guys are easy to identify because of the distinctive red stripe on their back. Usually, they are relatively docile and will simply need to be left alone until they can be removed. Redbacks enjoy solitude and so may make their homes in unexpected places such as under a toilet seat or in a mailbox.

Black House Spider – Usually indoor spiders who can be found in darker or unused corners of the home. They are large, black spiders with a grey furry back and a black and grey patterned carapace. Though not extremely dangerous, their bite is known to be extraordinarily painful.

You can find descriptions of other common spiders in our pest information https://www.a1professionalpestcontrol.com.au/spiders/. Make sure you shake out your shoes, don’t leave towels on the floor and always wear shoes outdoors.

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