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Allergy sufferers experience a hard time in the great outdoors, sometimes no matter the time of year. What they don’t want is the same experience while at home, sneezing and coughing due to indoor allergens. Unwanted pests, such as dust mites and cockroaches, can worsen allergy symptoms or be the route source of the allergy. As Canberra pest controllers, we address allergy sufferers’ concerns every day, and below, we share with you how to eliminate indoor allergy triggers effectively.

Manage moisture levels

Pests and insects, especially cockroaches, are attracted to moisture, as they require water for survival. You will notice cockroaches specifically around water entry points, such as sinks, toilets and showers. Keeping these areas dry will help to minimise their attraction; especially in bathrooms, utilise the fan to remove condensation on the mirrors and walls after showering or bathing. Dehumidifiers are also viable options, especially around tight spaces with little ventilation.

Manage dust in the home

Dust is one of the common allergens found in the home that requires constant attention, mainly as the build-up attracts dust mites. Dust is naturally occurring, and the only way to prevent build up and settling is through constant cleaning. Vacuuming and dusting is the most reliable way to ensure dust is adequately removed from the home, along with detailed cleaning of fabric furniture and regularly changing linen. Enlisting the help of professional cleaners will also ensure a deep clean of the house, such as steam cleaning the carpets and detailed scrubbing of mould-affected fixtures. This type of cleaning will also help prevent pest infestations, such as ants and flies, which can lead to more significant pest control issues.

Filter dust build-up

Another area of the home likely to be clogged with dust, and thereby attracting mites, are the air filters in your appliances. Split system air-conditioning units are the most popular, as these are used for both heat and cooling, resulting in all-year-round use. Most filters can be vacuumed and wiped free of dust, and some have options to replace the filters regularly. However, maintenance from a professional technician is best for deep cleaning and proper servicing.

Consult a pest control specialist

For severe allergy sufferers, the most effective way to eliminate bugs, pests and allergens is through a professional pest control consultation. Although some at-home preventions help manage symptoms, allergy sufferers need expert help to eliminate flare-ups and allergy aggravation permanently. If your Canberra home is becoming unmanageable for your allergies, contact us now to discuss how A1 Professional Pest Control can help eliminate pests in your home.

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