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There is nothing quite like rainy weather and storms to bring out hordes of invading pests such as mice, spiders, mosquitoes, and ants. Many bugs thrive in moist conditions and it creates a boost to their numbers. And many creatures seek out the nearest and easiest access to dry, warm shelters. Here are the problem areas and the best ways to keep pests away in wet weather conditions.

Exterior walls and entry points

Take a walk around the exterior of your home and check out those places where fixtures such as plumbing and air-con piping enter the house via exterior or foundation walls. Gaps in these entry points provide easy access for rodents and other vermin and they will seek them out in wet weather. These gaps need to be sealed and checked regularly.

Use vent covers for large holes or open vents.

Foliage and debris

Pests will seek out garden debris and build-ups of leaves for shelter during rain and storms. Make certain to keep these cleared and ensure there are none close to the house, particularly on verandas, decks, and patios, as it’s an easy next move from there to the interior of your home. If there are any areas of the garden where drainage is poor and rainwater clogs or pools, attend to this as it is a beacon for mosquito infestations.

Where there are trees and bushes close to the house, keep them trimmed so that the foliage does not touch the walls or overhang the roof or gutters. This provides another easy path to the house for insects that thrive in soil and on branches and leaves.

Roofs, windows, and gutters

Have your roof inspected for any broken tiles or shingles where rain and bugs can get in. Gutters should be kept clear of rotting leaves. These provide warmth and food for pests in bad weather and can also cause a build-up of moisture, mould, and bugs in attics and exterior walls.

Rotting wood, caused by water damage, should be repaired as soon as possible as it attracts termites.

Insects will enter through the tiniest of openings, and these will often be found around windowsills. Airtight sealant in these holes will minimise your home’s exposure to these micro invaders.

Moist interiors

Some homes may have a humidity problem if the weather is both hot as well as wet, and that humid interior attracts the bugs just as it does in a tropical environment. If this appears to be a problem, use of air conditioning or a dehumidifier can help.

It’s the nature of kitchens and bathrooms that they have moisture on countertops and floors so they need special attention. Keep them dry as they are the first areas of a home that the pests will target once they’ve entered to escape the rain.

In Canberra, pest control can be helped by these actions during and after wet weather. If you’re experiencing these problems as a result of rain, A1 Professional Pest Control can help. Contact a member of our team on 02 6278 5858.

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