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Once you’ve experienced the nightmare of an infestation of pantry loving bugs and insects, you will appreciate never wanting them in your home ever again. From ants to weevils, our pantries are a beacon for scavenging insects, hoping to feed their colonies from the comfort of your fully stocked kitchen. Reducing the likelihood of a pantry infestation is easy; we share with you our expert pest control tips for controlling likely threats, and detail the mistakes you’re making that lures them inside.

Understand what they are looking for

Not all of the food in your pantry is desirable to insects and bugs, such as most grains; however, the majority of food stored outside the fridge eventually becomes a lure. Pantry insects are generally looking for sugary and fatty foods; you will notice them particularly in baking essentials, dried fruit and nuts, sweets and sweet based spreads, and cereals usually high in sugar.

Store your sweets safely

Airtight containers are perfect for pest control. Though we commonly assume these containers are just for trendy storage, their primary purpose is to preserve the longevity of the product by keeping it safe from insects, bugs and air, which can dry out the produce. Once opening a packet, decant the product into a tightly sealed container, ensuring the seal is closed tight, and is free of gaps or holes. Once a container no longer seals as intended, discard and replace it immediately, as this broken storage won’t prevent any unwanted attacks or keep the food fresh.

Mop up spillage

Sticky pantry shelves and containers aren’t uncommon, especially around jars of preserved food and spreads used regularly. Though everything in your pantry may be sealed tight in their jars, these simple spillages stuck to the pot itself or on the storage shelf will attract the bugs instantly. Any spills from your jars or containers require cleaning quickly, ensuring all of the residues are completely removed with a cloth or warm water, assuring all of the build-up is completely gone. Additionally, wipe down any jars that have residue on the side or lid, and always throw away leaking pots immediately.

Adhere to use-by dates

Baking ingredients are a pantry item often kept longer than recommended. Once transferred into a container, it becomes impossible to monitor the use-by date accurately. Insects and bugs will flock to these out of date items, somewhat more so, which can cause other problems like mould along with pest control issues. Ensure you’re checking the use-by dates of all of your pantry items regularly, and avoid keeping any foods longer than their intended dates.

Pests in the pantry or around your kitchen aren’t ideal; contact us at A1 Professional Pest Control to understand more about the changes you can make in your Canberra home today!

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